PAYMENT OF DUES AND GUEST FEES POLICY – Each playing season, there is a  deadline of January 10 for the payment of current dues and guest fees for the prior year. Failure to pay the entire amount due by the deadline will result in a $30 late charge. 

Failure to pay the full amount due, plus the $30 late charge, by February 1 will result in the member having to reapply to Homeland as a new member for the following year.  

Dues are non-refundable after March 31.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE POLICY - A leave of absence may be granted upon written request to the Board of Directors. All written requests must be submitted to the club’s business office for board review.  

 A non-deductible, non-refundable leave of absence fee of $150 must accompany the written request for a leave of absence no later than February 1.

Should a leave of absence become necessary after March 31, a fee of $150 will be deducted from your paid dues.  In addition, the remaining unused portion of your dues will become a credit to your account.  Should a member then decide to resume play, he/she can apply to return on a prorated basis.

A leave of absence will not be granted for more than two years. After a two-year leave of absence, the member must either pay dues and resume membership or resign.If a member resigns after a leave of absence, he or she must reapply and pay the initiation fee in order to reactivate the membership.

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP - There will be a $25 fee to be put on the waiting list for membership. Those who are offered membership and decline can stay on the list  one year.  If they decline a second time, they must reapply and pay application fee. 


FACILITIES - The hard courts, Har-Tru courts and clubhouse are for the use of Homeland members, paying guests of members and St. Paul’s School students, faculty and administration.  St. Paul’s School has priority use of six Har-Tru and four hard courts from the spring opening of the courts through Memorial Day and after Labor Day through October 31 between 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays. During the summer, the St. Paul’s team can use the four hard courts as if they were members of the club. St. Paul’s School may also use the water fountain and restrooms.

IDENTIFICATION - Upon request, members must identify themselves to the club manager or his assistant or to any member of the board.

APPAREL - Tennis clothes are to be worn on the courts.  Players must wear shirts at all times.  Players must wear smooth-soled shoes on Har-Tru courts. Running shoes are prohibited.

COURT AVAILABILITY - The courts will be ready for play and the clubhouse facilities available at 8 a.m. The club manager, his assistants or an officer of the club will determine the suitability of the courts for play. When school is not in session, courts will be cleared each day between the hours designated by the manager and posted on the bulletin board.

JUNIORS - Junior members must surrender their court upon request of adult members waiting to play. For the purpose of court assignment, adult members playing with juniors will be considered the same as adults playing singles.  

MEMBERS WAITING - All members must surrender their court after an hour and a half if players are waiting. Players on hard courts have priority on Har-Tru courts if they are waiting for such and are next in line. Adult members playing singles on all but designated singles courts must surrender their court upon request of adult members who want to play doubles, even if hard courts are not in use.

COURT SIGN-IN AND COURT ASSIGNMENTS - Everyone must sign in before playing. The club manager or his assistant will make court assignments. Players may not sign in or go onto the court until their entire group is present. Courts may not be held.

GUESTS - Members must register guests before beginning play. Guests must play with the registering member. There will be no guest play allowed before 11 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  

The guest fee is $8 per guest.  No guest fees will be charged for the hard courts, but it is requested that you notify the pro shop when you are using those courts. A $5 penalty will be added to the guest fee when an unregistered guest is registered by the club manager, his assistant or an officer of the club.  No individual may be a guest more than six times during the playing season.  Please complete all areas of the guest form in a legible format.

SPORTSMANSHIP - All members should display good sportsmanship and tennis etiquette at all times. Be respectful to other players when entering and exiting courts. 

Please note: Use the south gate by court 6 when playing on court 6, 7 or 8. Use the north gate by court 4 when using court 3 or 4.

USTA CODE - The code of ethics and procedures of play as established by the USTA will be observed at all times. Adherence to these regulations by everyone using the facilities will make tennis more fun and a better game for all. (This code will be posted on the club bulletin board.)

LESSONS - The club manager/pro will have priority on one Har-Tru court (usually court 5) closest to the clubhouse so he can supervise, except from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays; during daytime interclub; and from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday.  The manager/pro will have priority at all times on the hard courts. Members are not permitted to give lessons for a fee.

SINGLES COURTS - The lower Har-Tru courts (courts 9 and 10) and one random court from the top eight courts are designated as singles courts. All of the above rules apply to these courts, except members playing singles are not required to surrender the court for doubles play. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the staff can designate two other Har-Tru courts for singles until 10 a.m. When the manager/pro is using court 9 or 10 for lessons, he will designate one more  upper court as a singles court to replace the court being used. All singles players must surrender their court after an hour and a half if players are waiting.

TOURNAMENT AND LEAGUE PLAY - Tournaments, league play and special events approved by the board will have priority. The club manager or his assistant will designate those courts. At times of league or tournament play, there will be no fewer than five Har-Tru courts, including two singles courts (courts 9 and 10), available for general club use. 

A calendar will be posted in the clubhouse showing which courts are reserved for league and tournament play throughout the season. 

Members playing a challenge match or league make up match cannot reserve courts in advance.  They will be allowed to finish their match if they have signed in with our normal procedure.  None of these matches can be played before 11 a.m on weekends or holidays.

Trophies will be awarded to winners and runners-up of club-sponsored intra-club tournaments and only for such tournaments.

SUSPEND OR EXPEL - The club reserves the right to suspend or expel any member not adhering to the above rules.


Tony Dowgiewicz  —  2014-15

Kathy Piven  —  2012-13

Mike Morrison  —  2007-11

Larry Herrold  —  2005-06

Buddy Codd  —  2003-04

David  Salmon   —  2002

Mike Donnelly  —  2000-01

Roger Wittenbach  —  1998-99

Norman Smith  —  1996-97

Alan Abramson  —  1994-95

Jim McKee  —  1992-93

Bill Pollard   —  1990-91

Harry Downs  —  1988-89

Don Huber  —  1986-87

Bill Slautterback  —  1984-85

Larry Melfa  —  1982-83

Curtis Anderson  —  1981

Lee Nutt  —  1979-80

Ray Bender  —  1978

Bill Kiegler  —  1976-77

Curtis Anderson  —  1973-75

Jim Cummings  —  1971-72

Ray Bender  —  1969-70

Bud Kreh  —  1967-68

Cy Seiler  —  1965-66

Dudley Diggs  —  1963-64

Ted Bauer  —  1961-62

Ray Tompkins  —  1959-60

Grafton Roger  —  1958 

John Gordon  —  1956-57

Campbell Ford  —  1955

Ed Horn  —  1953-54

Ed Schmeiser  —  1951-52

Urb Moss   —  1947-50

Carl Wheelock  —  1929-46 

Gurney Dayett  —  1928

Calvin Horn  —  1925-27

George Smead  —  1924